The Affective Weight of Representing Sex Workers in the Context of Modernity: Toulouse Lautrec, Humor, Shock, and La Rue Moulins

Written by Brianne Chapelle, Edited by Miray Eroglu
Beheld retrospectively by the modern viewer, Lautrec’s representations of the can-can dancers, cabaret singers, and sex workers of Montmartre have been lifted into the “high art” realm. While his works now enjoy this elevated status in world class museum collections, they did not necessarily achieve this status in Lautrec’s lifetime, nor were they perhaps intended to do so.

The Reflection of Age and Beauty in Titian’s Late Style

Written by Huong Vu, Edited by Miray Eroglu.
Titian was one of the most important painters and renowned portraitists of the Renaissance, the age of cultural and artistic ‘rebirth’ in Europe. Titian’s two paintings: Portrait of a Man in a Red Cap (1516) and Portrait of Pietro Aretino (1537) are displayed on each side of Giovanni Bellini’s The Ecstasy of St. Francis (1475–1480) at The Frick Collection in New York City. This arrangement that juxtaposes youth and maturity demonstrates Titian’s stylistic development throughout his long reign over the Venetian school of painting in the sixteenth century.

A Visual Language of Eroticism: Violence and Sexuality in Cézanne’s Male Bathers

Written by Thomas MacDonald, edited by Miray Eroglu
The paintings in Cézanne’s Bathers series, completed between 1859 and his death in 1906, are considered seminal works of modern art. Yet scholarship has generally neglected and devalued the eroticism present in his Male Bathers, which he produced alongside the larger and much more discussed and celebrated Female Bathers.

Harvesters and Humanists: A Case Study of Bruegel’s Neo-Sacred Image in the Post-Iconoclastic Age

Written by Anthony Portulese, edited by Miray Eroglu
Pieter Bruegel the Elder remains one of the most elusive artists of the sixteenth century, as a disconcerting shortage of biographical documentation has baffled scholars for decades. No record survives of his place or date of birth. Nothing is known of his formal education nor whether he received any training as a painter.