Ben Demers is in his fourth year at McGill in Joint Honours Cultural Studies and Geography, with a minor in Communication Studies. He is a Gemini near the Cancer cusp, loves Dream Pop, and has been editing for Canvas for the past four years, aiming to bridge the gap between Art History and Communication Studies within the Department. His research interests primarily revolve around responses to violence in North American cities related to broader interests in contemporary queer, urban, and media theories, along with cinematic interests in Horror Cinema.

Catherine LaMendola is originally from Dallas, Texas, and is in her fourth and final year at McGill completing an honours degree in Art History and a minor in Anthropology. Her specific academic interests lie in the contentious genres of Outsider and Self-Taught Art, as well as Art Brut. After interning this past summer at Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, she hopes to return to Chicago next year to work towards an MA in Art History and Arts Administration at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been involved with Canvas for three years, and enjoys reading the original research produced by her friends and classmates in the department. Catherine is a proud Aquarian, likes HBO, fancy teas, and other finer things.

Madeleine Cruickshank is in her fourth year of her B.A. in Art History, Sociology and Cultural Studies. She is delighted to be returning to Canvas as an editor for the second year in a row, as she much prefers editing the essays of others than writing her own. Proud Capricorn, cat lover, night owl, and caffeine addict, she feels fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a talented and driven team of students.

Miray Eroglu is in her second year at McGill majoring in Art History and minoring in French. In her free time she likes painting, reading, writing, visiting museums and galleries as well as travelling. She enjoys all aspects of the arts, from fine arts to theater, and is interested in approaching art from multiple perspectives, including the intersection of art and the business world. She is looking forward to being a part of the Canvas Editorial team this year!

Gabby Marcuzzi Herie is in her second year majoring in art history and minoring in anthropology. She was born in Toronto and likes to spend her spare time on film photography, embroidery, and personality quizzes. She is interested in the work of contemporary female artists, and is thrilled about the opportunity to explore new topics in art history & communication studies as an editor of Canvas. She’s officially an Aries but is a Taurus at heart.

Greta Rainbow is a U2 Art History and Cultural Studies student, a Cancer, and chaotic neutral. She enjoys kitchens painted red, public installations, and Monday crosswords. As a Canvas editor, Greta is excited to work with the combination of compelling writing and unconventional conversations on art.

Aimée Tian is a U2 student studying Art History with a double minor in Economics and Communications Studies. She plans on pursuing a Masters degree in Art Business and Cultural Management upon graduation from McGill. Her academic interests include contemporary art that engages with intersectional social justice issues, and the visual culture of race and ethnicity. In terms of everyday interests, she enjoys supporting up-and-coming cultural figures in the Montréal art/music scene, attending pop-up galleries, and continuously building her extensive shoe collection. If you see her strolling around campus/the Plateau, feel free to stop her and say hi!

Ashendri Wickremasinghe is a sleep-deprived coffee aficionado who is plagued with a tragic case of bibliophilia, enjoys sarcasm, and mindlessly partaking in dark humour. She is a U2 student studying history with a minor in communications and anthropology. Joining Canvas is an opportunity for her to improve her editorial and writing skills!

Muhan Zhang is in her third year of the Art History and East Asian Studies Joint Honours program and a returning editor for both departments’ undergraduate journals. In addition to reading stuff as an editor, she also occasionally writes stuff for the McGill Daily and Montreal-based magazine, The Fine Print. In her off time she enjoys books and movies featuring badass Asian ladies committing violent murder.