The Reflection of Age and Beauty in Titian’s Late Style

Written by Huong Vu, Edited by Miray Eroglu.
Titian was one of the most important painters and renowned portraitists of the Renaissance, the age of cultural and artistic ‘rebirth’ in Europe. Titian’s two paintings: Portrait of a Man in a Red Cap (1516) and Portrait of Pietro Aretino (1537) are displayed on each side of Giovanni Bellini’s The Ecstasy of St. Francis (1475–1480) at The Frick Collection in New York City. This arrangement that juxtaposes youth and maturity demonstrates Titian’s stylistic development throughout his long reign over the Venetian school of painting in the sixteenth century.

Composing a Room of One’s Own: Feminine and Erotic Space in the Work of Vanessa Bell

Written by Thomas Macdonald, Edited by Émilie Perring.
Active between 1906 and 1961, Vanessa Bell was a prolific painter, interior designer, and one of the most consequential members of the Bloomsbury Group of artists, which included her sister Virginia Woolf, her husband Clive Bell, Duncan Grant, Roger Fry, and Dora Carrington. Despite her influence, critical attention to her work has long been inadequate and negatively gendered.