Gabby Marcuzzi Herie is a fourth year honours student in Art History and Anthropology. She is interested in contemporary art that engages with unsettling affects and haunting, especially the work of Ana Mendieta. Other research interests include the relationship between people and the land they inhabit. She spends her spare time listening to podcasts and weaving. She’s officially an Aries but is a Taurus at heart.

Miray Eroglu is in her final year at McGill majoring in Honours Art History and minoring in French and Medieval Studies. Last fall she studied abroad in Switzerland at the University of Geneva. She loves traveling, painting, writing and visiting museums and galleries in her free time. Currently, she is writing her honours essay on late Ottoman painting and is looking forward to another year editing for Canvas!

Greta Rainbow is a fourth-year English-Cultural Studies and Art History student. She is passionate about Monday crosswords, clementines, and freeform radio. In her studies, she is interested in counter culture and art that leads political revolution

Lucia Bell-Epstein is in her third year at McGill majoring in Art History and minoring in Communications and Islamic Studies. She grew up in New York City, but has also lived in Berlin and Rome. In her spare time, she enjoys oil painting, film photography, and visiting galleries and museums. Her favourite contemporary artist at the moment is Shirin Neshat, an Iranian visual artist based in film and photography.

Tara Allen Flanagan is a fourth-year student with a double major in English Literature and Art History. Her academic interests lie in the history of cosmetics, female beauty standards in advertisements, and the gender politics of art. She enjoys beekeeping and rock climbing in her spare time.

Nicholas Raffoul is in his second year at McGill and he’s majoring in Art History with minors in International Development Studies and Economics. He is most passionate about research regarding postcolonial theory, Orientalism and its social effects, imaging nationality, imagined communities, and identity politics. In his spare time, he enjoys writing about pop culture and its larger social impact. He also loves playing video games and looking at pictures of his roommate’s Pomeranian/Pekinese mix.

Alexa van Abbema is a fourth year Cultural Studies and Communications student. Her research pertains to new materialisms, queer theory, and intra-active entanglements, and she likes reading the New York Post horoscopes daily. She is a double Sagittarius who loves natural wine, and she is a complete hedonist.

Chloe Ducluzeau is a fourth year student double majoring in Art History and Political Science. She is particularly interested in early modern Counter-Reformation art and the period’s politics of profanity and devotion in religious works. Other research interests involve classical political theory and the relationships between Canadian art institutions and Indigenous communities. She spends her spare time obsessively listening to podcasts, consuming copious amounts of tea, reading, dogspotting, and practicing yoga.

Catriona Reid is a fourth year Art History student minoring in French and Sociology. She is interested in the work of inter-war period artists and the urban fabric of early modern cities. Catriona comes from a background in fine arts and feeds her creative impulse through film photography and painting. She loves west-coast beaches, word games, and sailing.

Clara Marchionini is a fourth year Political Science, Communication Studies, and Economics student. She grew up mainly in the South of France, but has also lived in Arizona and Germany. She is particularly interested in political and feminist theory. She also loves Russian literature, Kurt Vile, listening to podcasts in the morning with her coffee, and exploring the Montreal food scene. She is looking forward to working with the Canvas team!