Aimée Tian is a fourth year student pursuing her B.A. in Art History, Communications Studies and Economics. Her interests lie in all realms of arts and culture, but she is particularly fascinated by urban/public art, the de-commodification of art, racial politics and identity, and streetwear fashion. Aimée is a Virgo on the Libra cusp, fond of astrology, museum gift shops, and the Love and Hip Hop franchise.

Muhan Zhang is a fourth year joint honours Art History and East Asian Studies student. Her thesis pertains to contemporary Asian diasporic and transnational art, and she likes making lists and rearranging her furniture. The haphazard gallery wall in her studio apartment (replete with illicit pushpins) is her pride and joy.

Miray Eroglu is in her third year at McGill majoring in Art History and minoring in French and Medieval Studies. She loves traveling, painting, writing and visiting museums and galleries in her free time. She spent the fall semester studying abroad in Switzerland at the University of Geneva, and is looking forward to another year editing for Canvas!

Lucia Bell-Epstein is in her second year at McGill majoring in Art History and Islamic Studies. She grew up in New York City, but has also lived in Berlin and Rome. In her spare time, she enjoys oil painting, film photography, cooking old Julia Child recipes, and visiting galleries and museums. Her favourite contemporary artist at the moment is Shirin Neshat, an Iranian visual artist based in film and photography. She is an Aries and completely addicted to matcha green tea. Lucia is very excited about becoming a part of the Canvas team!

Tara Allen-Flanagan is a third year student with a double major in English Literature and Art History. Her academic interests lie in the history of cosmetics, female beauty standards in advertisements, and the gender politics of art. She enjoys beekeeping and rock climbing in her spare time.

Gabby Marcuzzi Herie is in her third year majoring in honours Art History and minoring in Anthropology. She was born in Toronto and likes to spend her spare time listening to podcasts and embroidering. She is still trying to reduce a wide range of art history-related interests including contemporary feminist art, textiles, taxidermy, and crystals into one focus. She’s officially an Aries but is a Taurus at heart.

Lily-Cannelle Mathieu is in her second year of her B.A. in Art History, Anthropology and East Asian studies. She is thrilled to join both Canvas and Orientations as an editor this year! She was drawn to both journals in hopes of learning from her talented peers. Her research interests are ever-expanding, but she is particularly curious about cultural politics in museums and the art world. She loves watching plants grow, learning, visiting exhibitions, and eating mochi!

Émilie Perring is a third year student doing an honours in Art History and a minor in History. She enjoys painting, drawing, playing piano, skiing, getting lost in a book, and spending her summers traveling. She is also a proud crazy cat lady and would have eggs benedict for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if she could.  She is particularly interested in the French Romanticism of the late eighteenth, early nineteenth century and hopes to pursue her studies in this area in grad school.

Greta Rainbow is in her third year studying English-Cultural Studies and Art History. She is passionate about magic realism, Monday crosswords, and public art that engages with all citizens, regardless of their background in the art historical canon. Greta is interested in the ways in which art opens conversations of difference, and she is excited about the role of Canvas in highlighting unseen voices and stories.

Mallory Rappaport is a fourth year International Development major, with minors in Communications and Gender, Sexuality, & Feminist Studies. She is thrilled to make her debut on the Canvas editorial board. She is an unabashed Aries, ENFP, and pineapple pizza lover who spends her free time making to-do lists, hiking, and reading YA novels.

Josephine Spalla is a fourth year at McGill in Joint Honours Art History & Asian Religion. Her research interests lie in Southeast Asian art, particularly the transmission of aesthetic manifestations of Buddhist devotional practice across the region. Additionally, she once wrote a paper on the history of the cashew in a first year history course, however the project did not gain widespread academic acclaim. In her spare time she enjoys samosas and studying marxism, as well as aspires to have listened to every Dolly Parton song ever made.